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The Compaq Evo is a line of business desktop PCs, laptops, and thin clients manufactured by Compaq and, following Compaq's merger in 2002, Hewlett-Packard. The Compaq Evo series debuted in May 2001, replacing the company's Deskpro desktops and Armada notebooks.

Compaq Evo The Compaq Evo quickly established a reputation as an affordable, compact option for businesses and schools. The Compaq Evo desktops are smaller than comparable PCs and have been designed to be positioned horizontally instead of vertically, allowing the monitor to be placed on the desktop to save space.

The Compaq Evo desktop line includes the Compaq Evo D300, Compaq Evo D310 and D311 series, Compaq Evo D320, Compaq Evo D380 and D381 series, Compaq Evo D500, Compaq Evo D510, and Compaq Evo D520 series.

Compaq Evo laptops include the Compaq Evo N200, Compaq Evo N210, Compaq Evo N400, Compaq Evo N410, Compaq Evo N600, Compaq Evo N610, Compaq Evo N620, Compaq Evo N800, and Compaq Evo N1000 series.

Thin clients in the Compaq Evo product line include the Compaq Evo T20 series and Compaq Evo T30 series. The product line also features a Compaq Evo Bundled Inkjet Printer.

The Compaq Evo name was dumped by HP in 2003, along with HP's Vectra and Omnibook PC brands, as well as HP's Netserver server brand and HP's Jornada PDA brand (in favor of Compaq's iPaq). The last product to sell with the HP Compaq Evo brand name was the Evo N620C.

While HP still supports Compaq Evo desktop and laptop products, the HP Compaq Evo product line has since been rebranded as simply HP Compaq. Despite being discontinued, several Compaq Evo models are still available for purchase in both new and refurbished conditions.

HP has continued with its HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario brand names for consumer desktops and notebooks. HP Pavilion PCs compete with the likes of Apple Computer and Sony, while Compaq Presarios are designed to compete on price with companies like eMachines and Dell Computer.

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